Waste King Legend L3300 Garbage Disposal Reviews

Waste King Legend L-3300 garbage disposal reviews:

Whether you are a regular chef or just enjoy cooking food on occasions for your family, having a garbage disposal can be so much convenient in kitchen. This will help you keeping your kitchen dirt free and at the same time will be advantageous for environment. Garbage disposal is nothing new but the latest models always set a new dimension in standard. While planning to buy a garbage disposal you will be in dilemma as options are many. In this case, the Waste King Legend L-3300 garbage disposal can be a smart option for anyone. Waste King is one of the leading brands of garbage disposal and you can never go wrong with it. Here are the complete Waste King Legend L-3300 garbage disposal reviews. Consider reading this carefully if you really want to get the best one of the market.

With more powerful hi-speedy motor and ultra-modern grinding technology this Waste King Garbage disposal has come out with a promise to be the market leader. This is also one of the most energy efficient garbage disposals available in the market today. Let’s see the technical specifications and features of the Waste King Legend L-3300 garbage disposal.


  • Approximately 12.4 lbs. shipping weight.
  • Product dimension: Length – 9.8 inches. Width – 9.8 inches. Height – 14.5 inches.
  • Power cord (36”) is provided with the product.
  • The package includes all necessary tools and accessories needed for installation.
  • Glass-filled nylon has been used in grinding chamber.
  • Jam reduction technology and splash guard has been used with it.
  • All grinding components and elements are made of stainless steel and therefore remains rust free.
  • This is a continuous feed machine which allows you to insert additional food waste even when grinding is going on.
  • 6.9 Amp, 60  Hz and 115 Volts are needed to run the disposal.
  • A speedy 1/4 Horsepower motor is incorporated with it.
  • The powerful magnetic motor of this unit is capable for 2700 rotations per minute which ensures faster grinding and effective result.


Being a reputed brand of the market Waste King ensures an excellent warranty period for its garbage disposal models. For Waste King Legend L – 3300 garbage disposal you will get a warranty period of 10 years. So, if there is any problem or damage with the disposal machine, it will be repaired or components will be replaced by the manufacturer free of cost. Against corrosion you will have lifetime warranty from Waste King. So, this is trust worthy and you can never go wrong with it for sure.


The Waste King Legend L – 3300 garbage disposal is one of the best eco- friendly, efficient and effective garbage disposals of the market. This is just perfect for those who need to save some real cash along with less water and energy usage. Being a highly eco-friendly disposer it will help you reducing your carbon footprint.  When it comes to the issue of warranty, having a 10 years warranty period can be considered as another big plus. As the materials and components used in the disposer are of high quality, you will never have to think about utilizing the warranty. So, choosing the ultra-modern Waste King Legend L – 3300 garbage disposal is always a smarter decision to take on.


The only major issue confirmed by some customers on amazon regarding this Waste King disposal is that it is to some extent difficult to install and therefore they have found it less attractive. But, if you have experience of using a similar disposer, it will be nothing difficult to install it.