Tips for Using Your INSINKERATOR Garbage Disposal Right

From the hand of INSINKERATOR , the world’s leading brand in solutions for modern kitchens, we are going to be able to see some small tips on how to use waste disposers and what type of food they can grind best-rated garbage disposals 2021.

They are simplified in three very clear steps: 

  • Open the cold water tap. 
  • Press the button that we have installed. 
  • Place the food scraps in the sink, so that later they are shredded through different phases. 

The Evolution range of grinders can grind any type of food. It offers the ability to shred chicken bones, banana skins, or avocado skins, making it perfect for cooks, hobbyists, or foodies. 

The M-series range of shredders can also eliminate almost all waste but greasy and fibrous products, such as banana peels, are not recommended. 

For the installation of the disposers , they have a perfect fit to locate under practically any sink. They only need an electrical connection, so it is easy and fast installation. However, and if you prefer, DAKE also offers the installation service, which we manage through the network of official technical services in Spain, Andorra and Portugal.