InSinkErator Evolution Excel Garbage Disposal Reviews

InSinkErator Evolution Excel Garbage Disposal Reviews:

Your landing on this page clearly indicates that you are badly in need of a garbage disposal and why not? Garbage disposal machine has turned out to be one of the most useful household tools of present time and you must consider having one in order to maintain an organized kitchen. Anyway, if you are really serious about it and looking for the best garbage disposal reviews then it is to ensure you that you have landed on the right place. Let’s dig a bit deeper to find out more about one of the best garbage disposers of the time – ‘InSinkErator Evolution Excel Garbage Disposer’.

InSinkErator Evolution Excel Garbage disposer is preferred mostly for its optimal performance and quiet operation. It works so silently that you may have to double check whether it is turned off or not when you are done. With the best noise reduction technology (reduces noise by 60%) of InSinkErator this garbage disposer is just perfect for you when thinking of redesigning your kitchen.

Features of InSinkErator Evolution Excel Garbage Disposer:

  •   Dura-Drive 1.0 horsepower induction motor
  •   40 ounce grind chamber of stainless steel
  •   Jam sensor circuit
  •   Sound Seal Plus noise reduction technology
  •   3 stages grinding technology

Specification of InSinkErator Evolution Excel:

  • Height: 13 – 1 / 2”
  • Light gray or Stainless steel
  • 1725 RPM
  • 60 HZ
  • Grind System: Auto reverse
  • 120 Volts
  • 1.0 HP
  • Single phase motor
  • Wall switch on-off control
  • Continuous feed type
  • Permanent lower and upper bearing lubrication
  • 25.5 lbs. shipping weight (approximately)
  • Connection with dishwasher drain
  • Anti-vibration drain connection
  • 3-4 KWH power usage per hour
  • Per day 1 Gallon/ person water usage
  • 40oz Grind chamber capacity
  • Multigrind Plus Technology: Jam Sensor Circuit, Under cutter Disk, Tri-Action Lug System, Grind shear Ring
  • Sound Seal Plus Technology: Multilayer Sound limiter Insulation, Quiet Collar Sink Baffle, Anti-Vibration Tailpipe Mount, Anti-Vibration Mount.


  • Evolution Excel has got the best sound reduction technology that can reduce noise by 60% compared to other standard garbage disposers.
  • Jam sensor technology ensures that the motor will not burn out when being pressurized for grinding bones and another sensor determine when the engine is about to overheat and needs to be stopped.
  • Its installation process is so easy to perform.
  • 1.0 Horsepower environment friendly engine makes the grinding process smooth and quiet.


  • A power chord is not included in the product box. You will have to purchase it separately.
  • Though the InSinkErator Evolution Excel is an excellent disposer, it is too heavy and large to fit in some kitchens.
  • Considering the advantages of Evolution Excel garbage disposal you can easily ignore those minor disadvantages. You can purchase the power chord from the same vendor with a very reasonable price. So, this should not be a big deal.