Insinkerator evolution essential garbage disposal reviews

InSinkErator Evolution Essential Garbage Disposal Reviews

InSinkErator® is one of the most reputed and largest garbage disposal manufacturers of the world which has a longer product line than any other competitor in the market. Evolution series of InSinkErator has got huge popularity over time and InSinkErator Evolution Essential Garbage Disposal is another great addition to the Evolution series. Check out the InSinkErator Evolution Essential Garbage Disposal Reviews right here.

InSinkErator Evolution Essential Garbage Disposal Reviews:
The InSinkErator Evolution Essential Garbage Disposal is an ultra-modern device that comes with the technology of MultiGrind and Sound Seal and it is capable of handling more volume while making much less racket. This smart disposer can do what other standard disposers can’t and this is why it can be the ultimate solution for all sorts of kitchen. Let’s find out more about this great piece and evaluate whether it is worth buying or not.

For quieter operation Quiet-Collar® Sink Baffle is incorporated with it.
Dura Drive® 3/4 Horsepower Induction Motor ensures smooth operation and provides more horsepower.
Designed and manufactured in USA.
Stainless steel 40 –Ounce grind chamber helps handling more volume than all other common disposers.
Sound Seal® technology makes it 40% quieter compared to any other standard garbage disposer in the market.
Two grind stages MultiGrind technology helps it to grind tough food wastes which is not possible by other standard disposers.
Available both without or with a power connection cord.
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In-Home Servicing Warranties are given to all customers for all InSinkErator® garbage disposal models. For the case of Evolution Essential the warranty period is 6 years. InSinkErator has a great service named as ‘We Come To You®’ which means if your garbage disposal encounters any issue within the given warranty period, the experts will visit you by person and resolve the issue immediately if possible. To get this exclusive service you just need to contact the nearby authorized service center and that’s all.

Sound Seal technology: Sound Limiter Insulation, Quiet Collar® Sink Baffle, Anti-Vibration Tailpipe Mount and Anti-Vibration Mount®
12-5/8” height
Gray/ Black Enamel colored units
20.8 lbs. approximate shipping weight
Lower and upper bearing is lubricated permanently
8.1 Amp load (Avg)
1725 RPM
60 HZ
120 Volts
3/4 HP
Single phase motor
Wall switch on/off control
Continuous feed type
Connection with dishwasher drain
Anti-Vibration 1-1/2” Hose Clamp drain connection
Per hour 3-4 KWH electric usage
Per day per person water usage – 1 Gallon approximately
Manual Reset Overload motor protection
40 oz. capacity of grind chamber
Grind Shear Ring® MultiGrind technology

The InSinkErator Evolution Essential garbage disposal comes with a lot more advantages than standard disposals and once you will explore the InSinkErator Evolution Essential garbage disposal reviews on Amazon you will find it really helpful. Installation process of this unit is so easy that you will easily be able to install it and if you have experience of using a disposal of the same manufacturer, it will be a big plus. You can also use the power cord of your previous InSinkErator disposal with this new one. So, no need to get a new one.

The sound reduction technology used in the Evolution Essential garbage disposal works great and helps you grinding food waste even at night without disturbing anyone. It works so silently that you may have to double check it whether it is turned off or not. The increased chamber capacity and two stage grinding technology are also equally effective and efficient.

The only drawback that is mentioned in Amazon customer’s reviews is that the larger casing may not be suitable for some kitchens as space under the sink is always limited. But, considering the huge advantages of this unit you can easily ignore this minor disadvantage.